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Paint & Construction Raw Materials:

SE Tylose (Germany)
Cellulose Ethers- Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose ( HEC ) and Methyl Cellulose ( MHEC) thickeners for Paints and Coatings, Emulsion Polymerisation, Paint Stripping,Construction and Adhesives, Detergents , Oil Field and special applications

Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose ( HEC ) grades:-

    • Tylose H 200000 YP2.
    • Tylose HS 100000 YP2
    • Tylose H 60000 YP2
    • Tylose HS 250 YG4- Emulsion Polymerisation
    • Tylose MB 60000 P2- Paint Stripper
    • Tylose EHH- Oil Field application

Methyl Cellulose ( MHEC) grades:-

    • Tylose MH 15002 P6
    • Tylose MH 60001 P6
    • Tyl MHose 10001 P6
    • Tylose MH 6000 YP4- Grouts
    • Tylose MH 100001 P6- Cement Skim coat
    • Tylose MHS 150003 P4- Block adhesive
    • Tylose H 300 P2- SLU cementatious

Starch Ether:-
• Tylovis SE 7- Tylovisฎ SE 7 is a starch ether developed especially for dry mixed mortars such as adhesives, plasters and trowelling compounds for high thickening, easy workability and better sag and slip resistance.

Eastman - U.S.A

Offers a unique portfolio of specialty additives such as Cellulose esters & Adhesion promoters, VOC – compliant coalescents such as Texanol (Ester Alcohol& Optifilm Enhancer 300, specialty solvents such as Eastman Ketones & EEP & Eastman Resin Intermediates, the building block for better resins.

• Texanol (Ester - Alcohol, Premier Coalescent for water based latex paints)

• Optifilm Enhancer 300 (VOC free low odor Coalescent for water based latex paints)

• EEP Solvent (Ethyl-3-Ethoxypropionate) - Slow evaporating ether-ester solvent with excellent activity for a wide range of coating polymers

• IBIB (Isobutyllsobutyrate) HAP free, economical retarder solvent 1 to 1 replacement for PMA

• Adhesion promoters - Chlorinated polyolefin, CPO’s are excellent adhesion promoters for water based paints to plastic surfaces especially polypropylene and thermoplastic polyolefin. (CPO 343 – 1 25 % in Xylene - stock grade.)

• Cellulose Acetate Butyrate – Additive to improve flow, leveling, sprayability etc and to reduce cratering, dry time, blocking, slip resistance, crack resistance, etc in coating, ink and powder coating formulations.(Stocking grades - CAB 551-0.2, CAB 381-0.1, CAB 381-0.5, CAB 381-2, CAB 381-20 and CAB 531-1)

• Cellulose Acetate Propionate - CAP 482 & 504

• Resin Formulation Additives: DMAA (Co-promoter), HQ, THQ (Polymerization Inhibitors & Antioxidants), AQ 55 (Water Resistance).

• Non- Phthalate/ Phthalate Free Plasticizer ( Benzoflex 50/ Benzoflex 2088)

• Eastman NeoPentyl Glycol platelets for the construction industry and the coatings and resin manufacturing.

• High solvent activity and low evaporating speciality solvents like Eastman MAK / Eastman MIAK for industrial coatings, wood coatings, automotive etc.

• Advantex- Neutralizing amine additive for paints, coatings and resin ( replacement of ammonia)

Clariant Germany.

• Organic Pigments for paints, ink, plastics and special applications. Hostaperm, Novoperm, Hansa, Permanent, PV Fast, Graphtol etc.

• Pigment Preparations for paints, ink, plastics and special applications. Colanyl 100,Colanyl 500,Hostatint, Hostatint A, Hostafine, Flexonyl, Hostaprint, Viscofil, Cosmenyl etc.

• Dyes for paints, ink, plastics and special applications. Hostasol, Solvaperm, Duasyn, Savinyl, Sanolin, Fat etc.

• Dyes and Auxiliaries for anodizing aluminium. Sanodal Gold, Anodal S2 Liquid etc.

• Wax (PE, Amide, Ester, Montan, Micronised, Mixed) additives for printing, coating, plastics applications. Ceridust, Licowax, Licolub, Licocene etc.

• Air entraining agent for construction chemicals Hostapur OSB.

• UV Absorbers, Light Stabilizers & Antioxidants for coatings and plastics Hostavin, Nylostab, Sanduvar, Hostanox etc .

• Foaming agents for Gypsum boards. Hostapur OS liquid, ZE Liquid LP 2 etc.

• Flame retardant additives for coatings & plastics. Exolit APP.

• Tylovis SE7. Starch Ether for Construction Chemicals.

Evonik Industries.
Aerosil range of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic fumed silica’s – Aerosil 200, Aerosil 200 HV, Aerosil 200 pharma, Aerosil 300, Aerosil R 972, Aerosil R202 etc and Aluminium oxide Aeroxide Alu C.


• Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Coating and Construction Industries

• Surface Additives

• Defoamers

• Waxes

• NANOBYK Products for Coatings

• Rheological Additives for Coatings and Construction

Miltonia Doo- Croatia

• Shade Cards and Fan deck for Decorative Paints,Plasters, Industrial Paints & Powder Coatings, Wood Stains, Ceramic Tile Grout etc

BASF Construction Polymers.

•Sulphonated melamine formaldehyde SMF-10 superplasticizer’s for cement & gypsum based construction products – Melment F10.

• Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer’s for cement & gypsum based construction products. – Melflux 2651 F, Melflux 1641 F.

• Powder defoamer for cement based construction products – Vinapor DF 9010 F.

• Water storage polymer for cement based construction products – Starvis S 3911 F.

Kuraray Co Ltd.

• Polyvinyl Butryal Resin for printing inks and coatings – Mowital B30 H, Mowital B 60 H.

Lonza Switzerland.

a) Preservatives for Coating & Construction chemicals.
• In can preservatives. – Proxel 106,Proxel 101, Proxel GXL , Proxel AQ, Proxel BZ plus etc.
• Dryfilm preservatives. – Densil DF, Densil P etc.
• Dryfilm preservative for marine antifouling paints – Zinc Omadine ZOE dispersion.

b) Preservatives for oil filed drilling mud – Proxel range of products.

Creafill Innovative Fibre Solutions USA.

CreaMix range of Natural reclaimed cellulose fibres from Creafill USA for construction & bitumen application. CreaMix TC 507 & CreaMix TC 2004 are the stock grades.

Inorganic pigments.

a) Titanium dioxide – Cristal 121,Cristal 122,Cristal 128, Huntsman TR 92, TR 94, Tronox RKB2, Tronox CR 828, Dupont R 902+ etc.

b) Synthetic iron oxide pigments from China – Black,Blue,Green,Red,Brown, Yellow, Beige etc.

c) Chrome oxide pigments – Middle chrome, Lemon chrome, Scarlet chrome etc.


a) Ketones – Acetone, Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), Methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) etc.

b) Hydrocarbons – Hexane, Heptane, White spirit etc.

c) Esters – Ethyl acetate, n-Butyl acetate etc.

d) Glycols – Monopropylene Glycol, Monoethylene glycol, Diethylene glycol etc.

e) Alcohols – Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropyl Alcohols, Benzyl alcohols etc.

f) Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents – Methylene chloride, Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene etc.

g) Aromatic hydrocarbons – Xylene, Toluene, Solvent Naphtha 100, Solvent Naphtha 150 etc.

h) Plasticizer solvents for paints and plastics – Dibutyl phthalate DBP) & Dioctyl phthalate (DOP).

Emulsions & Acrylic thickeners for construction and coatings.

Styrene acrylic 50 % solid emulsions, PVA emulsions, anionic acrylic thickeners etc.


Cobalt 1%, 6%, 10 %), Lead Octoate 36%

Petroleum Resins

C5 & C9 hydrocarbon resins for adhesives and coatings.

Fillers (Extenders)

Calcium carbonate, Barium Sulphate, Talc powder.

Other minerals and inorganics.

Lime, Hydrated lime, Aluminium hydroxide, Silica sand, Silica flour, Bentonite, Calcium chloride, China Clay, Sodium benzoate, Silica gel, Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Salt, Soda Ash, Sodium bicarbonate etc.

Citric acid anhydrous, Acetic acid, Nitric acid, Oxalic acid, Phosphoric acid, Stearic acid etc.

Caustic soda flakes, Ammonia 25% solution.

Miscellaneous Items

Glycerine, Pine oil, Castor oil, fully refined Paraffin wax, Hydrogen peroxide, Distilled Water, Urea, Starch Powder etc.


Color Management Industrial Products- Spectrophotometer with related color software and accessories. Machines available in the categeory of Bench Top models and Portable Models.


Tinting & Dispensing Machine and Shakers with advanatges of ease of Operation and rapid productivity with minimum interventions. The Machines are manufactured for simultaneous dispensing with Recirculation facility, compact design, tubeless and with singe motor. Machines available with 12,16 canisters and 24 Canisters to support your requirements.


Grinding and Dispersing specialist in the filed of coatings and chemical industry, food and confectionary , pharma and cosmetics and mineral industry. They offer product and solution for wet grinding , dry grinding, kneading, dispersing & homogenizing and laboratory machines etc. They also offer grinding beads in all qualities and sizes.

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