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Leading Partners & Suppliers

Al Khowahir Chemicals is a stockist and distributor of leading manufacturers and suppliers from around the world.

Specialty Additives for Paint & Coating

Derekane (Spain)
Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resins

Additives for Dry Mix

Composite Materials

Cemfil, U.K: Alkali
Resistant Glass
Roving for GRC

Shell Middle East
Chemical Solvents

NCS, South Africa
Resins & Additives
for Fiberglass Industry

Clariant, Germany
Pigments for the
Paint Industry

Arkema, Luperox
Organic Peroxides

Evnoik Degussa, Belgium
Aerosil Powder for
Paint/Composite Industry


SE Tylose,Germany

Meguairs, USA
Marine Products

Wilks, UK
Fenders & Boat fittings

West & Senior, UK
Polyester Pigments

Cranden Diamond, UK
Tools and Accessories

Mark Cansick, UK
Vinamold Rubber for
the GRC/GRG Industry

Hawkeye Industries,USA
Duratec & Aquabuff
Speciality Primers & High gloss polishes

FRP Services, India
Phantom Veil,
Surface Design Textures

Brushes & Aluminium Rollers

GlasCraft, US
FIberglass and Foam Spraying Machines

Eastman, USA
Ester Alcohol, Cellulose esters, Adhesion promoters, Specialty Solvents

PiTape, USA
Outside and Inside Diameter Tapes, Linear Tapes, Go/ No-Go Tapes, Custom speciality tapes

K & C Mouldings (England) Limited, UK
Manufacturers and supplier of machinery, tools and acnillaries for the GRC & GRP Industry

Lonza, Switzerland
Biocides & Preservatives for Paint & Coatings

Dek-King, Wilks, UK
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