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Services Provided by Al Khowahir Chemicals
Years of association with suppliers, users and traders of chemicals...

Stocking, Distribution and Quick Deliveries

Al Khowahir has been in the chemical business based in the UAE for two decades. Serving the requirements of users and traders alike, Al Khowahir has earned a reputation for being a reliable source for quality chemicals for various applications.

Al Khowahir is a well-accepted name in the industry today, for a wide range of products, be they raw materials, additives, fillers, surface care & appearance enhancers, tools & accessories for handling and applications of chemicals, etc.

Product selection, application advice and other solutions for your demands can be offered to you, thanks to our knowledge base and the product & technical support from our suppliers.

Most chemicals are available ex-stock. We have dedicated vehicles for same day delivery anywhere in the Emirates.

Reliability is our Core Competence

We are dedicated to meeting the requirements of chemicals for all your needs. With our expertise and knowledge base built over years of experience, we are in a position to supply from our stock or source the supply to meet your demands - with speed and efficiency!

Competitive Prices and Attractive Commercial Terms

We have learnt from experience that you want the best of both - quality and price – along with prompt delivery and service.

We strive to excel in our chosen business of sourcing, stocking and distribution of chemicals and accessories.

Using our contacts and association with worldwide suppliers, we maintain optimum stock levels and offer competitive prices.

Office, Retail Outlets and Warehousing

Al Khowahir has an easily accessible and centrally located office in the industrial area in Sharjah in the UAE. The Company has a reputed sales team, which provides back-up services to the end users, international technical support, efficient and prompt deliveries and two multi-storage facilities.

We are proud of a very spacious warehouse in Ajman, just a few minutes drive from our office. We welcome orders for long term scheduled deliveries which we can stock in our warehouse saving your inventory carrying costs. You only need to give us a schedule of deliveries and have the chemicals delivered to you at your factory - a great way to practice JIT (Just-In-Time) indeed!

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